In Blockbuster Inc. you take total control of your very own movie studio. You will be able to construct all the facilities, hire and manage all sorts of employees and stars, as well as aim to produce the most prolific movies and TV shows.

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  • Freeform  construction system: An intuitive and deep construction system allows you to plan, build, decorate, clone and expand your studio with ease. Further link your road system, landscape the lot and create a smooth utility system to get the best out of your employees.
  • Play through the decades:  Each passing decade affects the gameplay and visuals accordingly, from the way your employees and stars dress, the cars they drive, as well as their physical attributes. Random and historic events will spice things up for your studio.
  • Manage unique employee types: Not every employee is similar, stars like Actors, Directors and Producers require more attention than your average construction worker. Managing employees is fun, thanks to the randomly generated character traits for each employee. Will your main actor be a diva or a smooth operator?
  • Interactive product process: Control the different phases and parameters for your Films and TV shows, from choosing the sets, outfits, stunts and all sorts of options that tailor your products to your desires.
  • Our mission?  A one-of-a-kind experience. There has been no other game in the past decade to match the unique experience that Blockbuster Inc. is. That we promise.

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