Devlogs and update schedule.

Greetings lovely people!

It has been a week since we announced our game to the public and of course even though we expected to get some attention early on, we are fascinated and extremely happy of how intrigued most of you are. Our teaser trailer has reached already 1000 views on youtube and slowly are community is growing.

For that reason we want to start involving you all more in our development and processes as well as discuss things along the way, and get direct feedback on our features and mechanics. This is why from the next week we will start posting a weekly devlog post, and bi-weekly videos on youtube where we review and play our builds and talk about things that will be added in the future, problems that occur and any ideas you guys might have about our game.

Until we have more information out soon, we would like to present you an early version of how filming stunts might look like in game, of course everything is subject to improvement and change, this is just our prototype at the moment.

Are you interested in movie costumes as well? Well we got you covered, here is one of the funniest one we have done so far:

Sir Lancelot is a great dancer as well!

If you want to stay up to date and talk to us directly, please consider joining our new discord group! We would appreciate hearing from you.

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