Blockbuster Inc. November update

Hello everyone!

I want to say a big thank you for being so patient lately, I know we have been silent for a few months and there was speculation that production stopped, but we can assure you it was the opposite of that. We cannot yet announce some big news but we can show you a summarized version (for now) of what is new in the game.

  1. Improved graphics in both areas of the game ( studio lot and city map )
  2. Implemented our next big feature called Set Designer where players get to customize and upload/download their sets on Steam Workshop
  3. Currently working on adding even more content to the game and gameplay parts like managing employees, managing teams, finances, bank loans and actions such as educating employees and negotiating deals with rival studios.
  4. Implemented a basic production cycle that now works, we will be polishing it further as we progress with more features that affect movies and tv shows.

Last but not least, if you are curious about seeing some of these changes and how the game is looking right now (minus some polishing that happened after we made the new trailer), do check our updated steam page where you can see new screenshots and the new trailer here:

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